What do I need to do to get a website?

In order to get a website you have to do two things. The first thing that you have to get is the domain name and the hosting at SWD Hosting. The second thing to get is the web design from SWD. With the web design you only pay us our design fee and we design the site and publish it to the internet. Please note that there are updating costs for both pages and images that you wish to add or change in the site.

What other companies do I have to go to in order to get a site?

None! You can get it all here! We are very proud to now offer quality web site hosting for a great low price!! You can reserve the web hosting yourself through our hosting web site SWD Hosting or upon request we can set it up for you.  Feel free to email us at info@swdhosting.com for more information.

What is a domain?

A domain is the address of your site. This can be purchased though our hosting web site at SWD Hosting. It normally has a www at the front, your business name in the middle and then a .com, .net or.org at the end.

What is hosting?

Hosting is the features that you will get for your site. The main feature is space (i.e. the maximum number of megabytes that all published files add up to; 50 mb, etc..). It is advised that you speak to SWD about hosting before you go out and get some elsewhere or visit our web hosting web site at SWD Hosting to sign up today!!.

Can I get e-mail addresses in addition to this?

Getting e-mail addresses such as johndoe@companyname.com for your business are sorted out with the hosting plan that you choose.

How many can I get?

Once again, this depends on the host plan. With some hosts you can getunlimted e-mail aliases. You get unlimited email aliases with any of our four hosting packages at our hosting web site SWD Hosting.

What other features can I get?

When buying hosting and domain from a host, there are plenty of other offers – a classic is “site statistics”. But before choosing any of these options at a web host, bear in mind that these extras can be obtained for free at places such as Brave Net .

How much is all this likely to cost?

It really depends on the features and package that you want, but look out for starting prices at about $500 for the design, hosting and domain.

Where can I get domain and hosting from?

You can get domain and hosting from a number of different companies but why go somewhere else when you can get the whole package right here @ SWD Hosting for a great low price.

How much does SWD charge for web design?

The final price really depends on what you want done. SWD charges $100 extra for a year of unlimited site updating fees. Contact us with your site plan and we will get you a site design price quote.

Can I have special elements such as submitting forms and chat rooms
in my site?

Yes, we can design them for your site and you get a free chat room when you sign up for a hosting plan at our hosting web site SWD Hosting.

How soon will the site be up?

SWD normally publishes sites within a month of ordering however we cannot guarantee such a quick uploading time all the time – for example during holidays.

What contracts do I have to take out?

You do not have to take out any contracts with SWD because there are no monthly or annual payments to make. The only monthly or annual payments to be made is to the web host for your hosting. However, if you would like a contract to be made SWD will furnish one for you.

How will SWD publish the site?

It’s very simple. You provide things like the logo, pics and text, then we make the site. You review it and accept it or decline and we make changes. Then you give us the username and password from the host and any other info that the web host said that you would need to publish. Then we publish it from our computers.

Does SWD promote sites as well?

No. It is up to you to publish the site online as well as in public advertising. However we can design adverts – such as online ads – for your company. Contact us for more info.